People hire attorneys to represent them in the court of law. Why? It is because by not doing so, they could potentially lose their case and have to deal with serious repercussions. The same goes for those looking to purchase homes. If you do not have representation, there is a good chance that it will cost you peace of mind, time, and most of all, money.

The Russell Martin Home Selling Team is here to operate with your best interest in mind as you look for your new home throughout the Austin area. We know the potential pitfalls. We know the questions to ask and the people to call and we know how to get you the best possible deal on the purchase of your new home. The Russell Martin Home Selling Team follows a 5 step process when working with buyers and this process is a big reason for our success.

STEP 1: The Buyer Consultation

We meet with our clients to get to know them and familiarize ourselves with the life change that has caused them to begin shopping for a new home. We also talk with our clients about their budget, preferred areas, desired type of home, and more. The more we understand our clients’ best case scenarios, the smoother the process will be. We introduce the Buyer’s Advantage Club program and transition the Buyer into a “Client” relationship vs. just a “Customer” relationship via executing the standard Buyers Representation Agreement.

STEP 2: The Research

After the Client Interview, we take the acquired information and begin researching the possibilities. We dig into what is on the market where the client wants to be and we report back with our findings. If we find that what our client wants is feasible, we move onto the 3rd step. If for some reason the client’s needs and desires are not feasible, we provide options that will help keep them within their desired budget, or area.

Step 3: The Showings

After identifying homes that seem to be good fits for our clients, we then take them to show them these available properties. We will walk the homes, see how they fit what our clients have in mind, and ultimately find a particular home that our clients want to purchase. This is the point where The Russell Martin Home Selling Team begins the strategic negotiations that will get our clients the best deal possible.

Step 4: The Negotiation

Here lies our differentiator. We take many factors into consideration when negotiating on behalf of our clients. Some of these are the current market conditions, the seller’s position, condition of the home, and more. We then get to work on obtaining an agreed upon price that minimizes our clients’ risk and maximizes the benefit of their purchase. We are some of the best negotiators in Austin and our track record of success is tremendous proof.

Step 5: The Closing

This is the most gratifying part of our job as this is when we get to hand our clients’ the keys to their new home. All of our hard work has paid off at this point and our clients get to move into the home they have been looking for.