The Austin Real Estate market typically remains one of the best markets in the country and today is no different. There are a lot of buyers looking for homes in our great city which provides sellers a great opportunity to sell their home for their asking price and in a fraction of the time that it is taking in other markets.

There are a plethora of considerations a seller needs to make when choosing a Real Estate agent to list their home and there are equally as many factors that determine a home’s value. Choosing a Real Estate agent that is not fit to list your home could cost you a lot of time and in the end, a tremendous amount of money. Here are just a few things to look into when choosing your agent so that you experience a seamless process while selling your home for its maximum value:

Experience - Does the agent have any? If so, how much and in what market(s)? You always want to work with an agent who is extremely familiar with your market.

Track Record - Simply being from an area doesn’t necessarily equate to success in Real Estate. Ask the agents that you interview about their history of success. You want to do business with an agent that can prove that they know how to sell homes. Your time and your money are all too valuable to consider otherwise.

Process - Ask your agent about their listing process. Do they just put your home on MLS and hope that your buyer finds you? Selling homes requires massive action-action that spans far beyond the MLS. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to digging into this question, or your home may not sell at all.

Support - How can your agent assure you that they will be available to you and prospective buyers throughout this process? Buyers are emotional and if they are not responded to quickly, the chances of them inquiring about a different home exponentially grow. Your business needs to be important enough to the agent for them to employ a team to help support you.

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